Scratch And Dent Sheds From Dealers

Scratch And Dent Sheds From Dealers

There may be some economy buildings available to you directly from dealers which will save you as much as you could save on a used building. Most dealers call these specials “scratch and dent”.

When searching for bargains for your storage building needs, remember this often untapped resource: In the day to day operation of a utility building lot there are incidents which may lead to minor damage. Dealers will often offer these buildings as “scratch and dent” buildings at very reasonable discounts.

In most cases the damage is minor, and often cosmetic. After a hail storm or a few days of very high wind, there may be high numbers of buildings like this available, and it is to the dealers advantage to sell them off and move new ones in so the prices can drop significantly.

In cases of serious damage the repair work needed may be extensive, but if you have some skill with tools, and know what your looking at, the price can be amazingly low.

In short, it is worth your trouble to call dealers in your area to see what they might have.

With such buildings, their price and delivery fees may be negotiable.