New Sheds

New Sheds

There are some great deals to be had from folks selling used sheds. There are some great deals available from dealers selling repossessed or damaged sheds, but there are also some great deals from dealers selling new sheds.

The purpose of this site is to help people who want to buy or sell a used shed, but just in case there are more buyers than sellers, we decided to add some new shed information.

Your search for a used shed may lead you to a dealer who carries used sheds along with his new stock, and there is a good chance that some of his new buildings may be a great bargain as well.

Sometimes a dealer will become overstocked, and need to sell down his merchandise to get ready for the newest models. If it is the slow time of year, usually the fall and winter months, dealers may lower their prices or at least be willing to negotiate. With either of these situations, and especially when the two collide, the opportunities for buyers to find real bargains is there.

Material suppliers may come down on material prices in slow times. Portable building builders need to keep their crews working, and hate to see a manufacturing facility set idle. Dealers need to keep their sales staff working, and this all can add up to some unbeatable prices.

Shed suppliers may or may not be able to come down a lot from the asking price on the building itself, but they may come down on the delivery price, or the cost of options and accessories.

In short, it is up to you to break the ice on the negotiations. It never hurts to make an offer and haggle a little over price. New storage sheds are one of the few new commodities on the market today that dealers are willing to horse trade with.

Read through the pages in this section for information on getting the best deal on a new shed as well as some tips on buying used sheds.

Learn more about getting a great deal on a new shed!

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