New Sheds: Getting a Great Deal

New Sheds: Getting a Great Deal

Some new sheds can be purchased for about the same price as used sheds. This depends on several factors including the season of the year, the market, the dealer, and how much you are willing to haggle. Read the rest of this page for some tips on how to get a great deal on new or used sheds.

By nature, the number of used sheds on the market at any time is limited, but there is an almost unlimited number of new storage buildings in production. Some of them will end up being sold as used sheds someday, but what you want may not be available at the time you need it. The good news is that you may not have to wait on a used shed to get a great deal!

Used sheds and how dealers get them

Many dealers have used sheds for sale. Many pre-owned sheds come from dealer stock that was sold through rent to own programs and then either returned or repossessed. These will vary in cost. In most cases this depends on how long they were rented. The longer the building was out, the lower the cost. These portable sheds were once new sheds, and the dealer will have new sheds in stock, and some of these buildings may offer real value.

New sheds for bargain prices

There are a dealers who have economical new storage buildings for sale which rival the prices of used portable buildings. If you don’t find the used building you want for the price that you want to pay, new sheds may be cheaper than you expect, and you can often run across some real bargains in this market.

New sheds: getting a great deal

Before you buy a shed in a different size or color than you prefer, it would be smart to check a few dealers out. When you do this, don’t be shy. Ask about discounts, coupons, and specials. They may be offering special discounts that are not announced, and you may never know about these discounts unless you ask. What you need is a strategy.

A shed buying strategy

Go into any storage shed negotiations knowing exactly what you want, what you might be willing to compromise on, and how much you are willing to spend. Also you should know how you are going to pay, and be ready to take action at the moment you find your “just right” utility building. A little hint: Determine the buildings cost, and then ask what the cash price would be, and then be ready to lay that cash on the table when the price gets low enough. You would probably be surprised at how accommodating shed dealers can become at the sight of money or the visible presence of a checkbook. By the way, this also applies to used storage buildings.

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