Used Shed Buying Tips

Used Shed Buying Tips

There are a lot of great used sheds on the market, and you want to get the best used shed for the fairest price possible.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

  • Keep in mind that although there may not be a used shed for sale listed in your area from a private seller, there may be used sheds for sale from a dealer in your area. Storage building dealers sometimes have used storage sheds for sale, especially if they have a rent to own program, so if you can’t find what you are looking for here, check with your area dealers for used buildings.
  • While you may be able to purchase a pre-owned shed from an individual for a fair price, you should be careful to include the cost of transport in the price. A low price coupled with high cost of moving, could equal a not so great deal.
  • Ask detailed questions about the shed’s condition. Get photos from all angles if possible.
  • Dealers may have slightly damaged buildings for reduced prices, often approaching the discounts for used buildings, so even though you may not find exactly what you want on our list, you might find a real bargain from a local dealer.
  • There are many ways to finance a shed, but the best way is almost always cash. If you are planning to buy a used shed outright, take your cash that you plan to spend with you. Whether you are buying from a dealer or an individual, cash makes an impression! Saying something like: “Now, how much will you take for the building in cash?” or “I have $XXX.xx to spend, in cash, and that’s all I am willing to pay”. can make a big difference.

Here are a few tips on things you should check when taking a physical look at the used storage shed:

  • Initially, take a look at the roof and siding. If there is damage there, there may be more damage inside. We will get to that later.
  • When you walk through the door, check the floor around the entry. This is one of the first areas to exhibit problems if a door doesn’t seal properly, and if it is slightly rotted, or spongy, there has probably been a problem before.
  • Check the door itself for proper fit. This may not be a serious problem if the reason for poor fit is that the building is not completely level. You are going to move the building, and it should be leveled on your property.
  • If the building has windows, check for stains around and underneath the window casing. Serious stains, or any rot may be signs of poor window seals, or problems around the casing.
  • If the roof has had problems, this will probably show up inside. Depending on building type, and roof type, it may show itself as stains on rafters or on the decking of the roof or floor.
  • Walk around inside the building a few times, any weekness in the floor should be checked. It could mean rotting floor joists.

The great thing about these problems is that they can be fixed with a minimum of skill, and a little effort, but knowing what you are looking at may help to get you a better price.

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