Used Shed Maintenance

Used Shed Maintenance
Just like a new building, a used shed will benefit from maintenance, and consistent scheduled maintenance practices. Yes, I said scheduled maintenance practices. This is not as complex as that phrase may sound. In fact, scheduling the few maintenance items required to keep your building in good usable condition is a means of simplifying your life.

Maintenance for all used shed types

  1. Check to make sure that the building is level and plumb. Check it with a long level, and if the bubble is not in the center, you will need to either jack the building up and add a shim, or drive a shim in the place or places where it is low. Please take all reasonable precautions when doing this. Sticky doors and windows may be a sign that the building needs an adjustment. Checking this only takes a few minutes, and most adjustments take under an hour. Do this once a year. It is time well spent.
  2. Check all openings. Look at the floor around the door for signs of moisture problems. If it is damp, spongy, or stained from water, the door probably needs some work with weatherstripping or an adjustment. Check the window casing for similar symptoms. The solution could be as simple as a bead of caulk.

Maintenance for used metal sheds

If your building is metal, that probably means that it is steel. Most steel buildings don’t require a lot of maintenance, but even they can benefit from some attention to details.

  1. Check for rust spots and deal with them appropriately, by removing the rust and applying primer and matching paint to the area.
  2. Check for loose fasteners, and any loose sheet metal screws. Loose fasteners should be tightened carefully, so as not to strip them out. A quick fix for stripped out wood screws is to find an appropriate size sliver of wood, and drive it into the hole until it is tight, and then reset the screw. It should cut new threads into the new wood, and tighten it up.
  3. Remove leaves and other such materials from the roof, and clean the building with water and a mild detergent. Do not use abrassive cleaners! Be sure to rinse completely.

You will probably not need to do this more than once or twice a year.

Maintenance for used wooden sheds

Wooden sheds require a little more work. Include all the applicable things from the metal building list, and add these:

  1. Check for joints that need caulk or wood filler, and apply them accordingly.
  2. If the building is sealed with wood sealer, clean it, allow it to dry, and seal it with an appropriate wood sealer about once a year, or every 18 months.
  3. If the building is painted, clean and remove all paint chips and flakes and paint it with an appropriate exterior paint.  Do this about once a year or every 18 months.

Maintenance for other used shed types

For most other building types, follow the applicable directions for wood or metal buildings.

Simple shed maintenance scheduling

No matter which type of building you buy, do these things and it will increase the usable life of your building. We suggest that you put your used shed maintenance on a schedule.

Just write it on your callender as a reminder, and then when that time approaches, get whatever materials you need, and get out there and do it!

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