Used Shed Materials

Used Shed Materials

Sheds are built with a number of different materials, therefore, used shed materials will probably be those materials most common to the market. There are advantages and disadvantages to all shed material types.

Most sheds are built with wood, or steel. Other types are available, but less frequently used, so we will concentrate on these as they are the most common types most likely to be available.

The advantages of steel:

Steel is almost maintenance free. It is very strong and durable. Steel will not swell and rot when exposed to moisture. Most modern steel buildings have a 30 year or longer warranty against rust through. Steel siding comes in a wide variety of colors (when buying used sheds you may not get your exact color choice) so it can match almost anything you need to match. Some home owner associations persist in their reluctance to accept steel buildings, so this can be a problem in some situations.

The advantages of wood:

As mentioned, wood may be needed for places with home owner associations. Wood may suit and match your home and landscape better than steel. If the building is to be painted, there are near inumerable colors to choose from. Wood can be be easily patched and repaired without breaking the bank. The cheif problem with wooden sheds is that they require a bit more maintenance. They should be checked at least every 18 months, and painted or sealed if needed.

Choosing the right used shed material

Which one is right for you? Well, that is a question you will have to answer for yourself. It depends largley on your specific need, and your specific location. If you live in a damp location where wood would be apt to absorb a lot of moisture, or if near maintenance free durability is your main concern, steel may be your best choice.

If you live in an area with normal humidity, and are seeking to match a wooden structure, or a wooden structure would better match your landscape, or if you need a color that is not readily available in steel siding, or if you have a home owners association, wood might be your best choice.

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